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First of all - I´m not very good in English so if you see mistakes - please tell me. In addition we want to translate this page into other languages - we would be happy if you could help us.

Everything is free of charge - just one thing: We request a fair reciprocal link. If you prefer a textlink or a banner it is your choice. Some suggestions you get here (we will show you this again after you have filled out the form)

Before you inquire to have your URL added to bed and breakfast - ring, please check the following:

  • Is your B&B in Germany? -> go this way
  • Does your page fit to the bed & breakfast idea?
    (what could fit you find on our start-page)

Everything o.k? Then fill out the form:

Type of Business/Organization:

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Your e-mail:

Space for comments, critics and so on - are you interested in helping each other with some translations - we could translate something from English to German.

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