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eclipse in Berlin Germany

the Reichstag in Berlin and the new dome (Germany)

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bed and breakfast ring germany - instead of booking an expensive hotel - meet nice people on your holiday

Berlin Roof-Loft
Berlin Friedrichshain Loft
Berlin Friedrichshain:
Bed and Breakfast in a Roof-Loft

Berlin Charlottenburg
Impressive ambience near famous Kurfürstendamm
Impressive ambience near famous Kurfürstendamm



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Bed and Breakfast in Europe

What is bed and breakfast in Germany?

Originating in England, the “Bed and Breakfast” typically refers to a small lodging establishment offering overnight accommodation and breakfast. In Europe, the B&B refers to a much broader variety of accommodation and has replaced the old German version of a “guest room”. A B&B could refer to a guest house, a small hotel, or even a private room in a host’s apartment. Most importantly, it is accommodation within a private atmosphere. We would like to offer an alternative for travellers looking for inexpensive accommodation, and wanting to learn about the land AND its people at the same time.

Who offers bed and breakfast in Germany?

The single housewife, wanting to rent out her child’s old bedroom; the city dweller whose apartment is too big for 1; or the homeowner who would like to not only reserve his attached apartment for visiting friends, but also for travellers. A guest rents out a room where the use of the bathroom and kitchen is often shared, especially in the bigger cities. In the more rural areas with more space, private rooms with private bathrooms are often available. Hosts are often private renters offering a room in their own apartment. But hosts can also be those with small, family-run guest houses, farmhouses or holiday apartments, where personal contact with the guest plays an important role.

What about the breakfast?

Breakfast is most commonly served in B&B`s found in the countryside, on the outskirts of the cities or in small lodging establishments and hotels. On the other hand, hosts of private rooms in the big city centres like Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich or Berlin are often full-time workers, although a sufficient breakfast can generally be found around the corner.

Berlin is especially well known for its many breakfast cafe's which are definitely worth a visit! If you prefer to eat breakfast in the B&B, then you are normally allowed to use the kitchen to prepare it yourself.

In holiday apartments, you will have your own kitchen and on request, your host will fill the fridge with everything you need. Whatever the case, you can be sure to start the day bursting with energy and without a rumbling stomach!

We wish you lots of fun and a pleasant trip!
... wishes your Bed and Breakfast Team


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